Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A Sunshiney Morning

This morning, I was up before the sunrise to watch awesome pink puffy clouds all around North Vancouver. Unfortunately, I was heading to the pool and not out on a photo shoot so I don't exactly have much proof of what I saw. But I can assure you, even at the pool the sky looked pink and awe inspiring.

The proof I can give you is my new camera phone after my workout, blue and beautiful, full of sunshine, without any rain. I've actually lived in Canada for 2.5 years now and never had a phone until now. There really isn't a need for me to have one but I figured I'd get a camera phone to capture some moments when I didn't have my equipment with me. Eventually I'll get another portable camera for those times I just need to snap a photo.

But for now, one can only laugh at the fact that I have been phone less in Canada.

North Vancouver views of sunset last week.

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