Sunday, September 09, 2007

Bird Watching in Vancouver

Since we knew the weekend would be wonderful, P and I decided to enjoy it to the fullest. We made it out to the Reifel bird sanctuary in Delta, BC. It's a full hour drive for us even though it is local. But that was after I went to the gym and did my swim workout also. Delta is as you might guess right on the water. And yesterday was quite a windy day.

Here's a snapshot of what we saw while we were so occupied and thrilled for the sunny day.

The beautiful entrance to the sanctuary.

I'm so fascinated by these red winged black birds. They come out to feed the second you look like you aren't around.

Who knew we'd do some cow watching!

These large spiders were fascinating. It was a great chance to try out my new camera's limits. I'm fairly impressed especially with how windy it was!

The turtle even knew he had to take advantage of a sunbathing day!
All in all a really great day.

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