Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Like in a Dream

It was a bright an early morning. I got dressed quickly and we all rushed out the door, so I could go to my mom's friends house.

The day was different. I was being treated and chauffeured off to school. Actually I got a great breakfast first and we still had time to spare with my mom's wonderful friend. I remember going past the normal roads on the way to school, but this day was different.

A few hrs later I was playing at school when the phone rang. My kindergarten teacher wanted to tell me I was the proud owner of a new baby brother... And a big one at that.

I was so happy I was crying, just like a dream. And that's my memory 27 years ago today when my little bro was born.

He isn't so little anymore. We live far apart now but still manage to keep in touch a lot more via phone. I'll try finding a pic of us together today to post up at as well. And that sunset pic was from last weekk. It was like a dream too.

Happy Birthday Bro!

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