Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Busy Life

Lately I haven't been blogging about much, or at least anything interesting. It seems my schedule starts waking up before most sane people, working way too much and then swimming and getting home way later than most sane people. There's a big balancing issue that I have been dealing with, and it hasn't been fun. I somehow find time to get a few photo shots in and well the week starts again. I recognize it's not the way to live.

Having said that, my workout was hard but I swam well. I swim for 1h 15 mins a night right now and usually get in 3600m a workout. A year ago, I just started back and I have definitely made good improvements since then. In fact, last night I did 6 x 200's on 3:10 hold 2:45's for the 1st 3 and then decending as the set stated to 2:43, 2:40, 2:35. Most of those numbers mean nothing to the average person, but they are recorded for later viewing..

You see nothing all to interesting..

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