Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A Case of the Expat Woes

I think I've been experiencing a severe case of the Expat woes. I know I left my heart in Switzerland and couldn't want or wish for anything more than to go back there. I've settled fine into life in Vancouver, but life here for me is overly dull full of the same daily regime. It's not what I want. It's plain boring, and lacks the sunshine, and adventure I long for.

Life here in Vancouver is just so West Coast for me. It lacks the culture and beauty I've always dreamed of. When I actually get the time to be outdoors, I enjoy every waking minute of it taking photos. But there's nobody here understanding my woes. I guess I'm a nomad and am looking for that new adventure.

I know I should count myself lucky, but seeing that I just haven't found the perfect balance of job life and home life, it leaves me unsettled. What helps me get by are the great photography days and dreaming about Switzerland.

I guess at times I get fed up with wanting to be where I belong and not being able to do it. Add that I'm alone here in my conquest for this and it makes it a hard sales pitch to sell to the better half. It's not like I want to jump ship because I've got someone wonderful in my life. I know life is a roller coaster but I'm ready to jump the track and move onto something new, something that involves enjoying life!

There's my vague rant of bad weather blues and missing Switzerland.. And suggestions?

Thanksgiving sunset.

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