Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Expat's View From Paradise

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I’ve been tagged again by Renny and of course flattered. I have returned the tagging favor since it supports the theme of this blog about Switzerland and photography and my expat life.

I couldn't figure out how to do a snap shot view on my Mac (It's just different to save.), so I figured a photo of my
‘My Desk Top Free View’ was the next best thing.

So here I have grab captured my desktop and I would say it fits the theme quite well.

I took this photo while on Vacation in Switzerland in August 2005. The photo is overlooking the entire Interlaken area and lake below. That tiny spot is a gigantic bee flying straight in front of us.

We had been hiking all morning long and were so happy to have been dragged along to experience such culture, views and knowledge from a local friend who lives in the area.

Talk about Paradise - and so yes that is my Desk Top View too..

If anyone would like to share what their desktop view is, please feel free to let me know you have participated in the comments.

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