Thursday, November 08, 2007

Where's the Sun

I must express my utter jealousy for all of you out there who get many days of sunshine a year. That is the type of weather I grew up with in California, but it's certainly not the type of weather you see in Vancouver.

Astrid who lives in Provence writes about Autumn in Provence. She tries to be subtle but the lack of summer here has brought me to drooling at her beautiful days 320 days a year.

She writes:

"This picture (not shown), taken a few days back in our garden, I had in mind sending to my brother to tease him. He's always asking me how the weather is and I always answer oh not so good you see, in the daytime we have just about 19-20°C, so quite chilly... Then I laugh my evil laughter :)"
Astrid, you've done a good job at making more than one person jealous! As she shows off her palm tree, I'll show off my backyard, full of evergreens. They are everywhere..

I'm curious to know how much sun you get a year? Please list your city and a guess.

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