Sunday, December 09, 2007

Our 2nd Anniversary Weekend

Two years ago, my parents and brother made their way to Vancouver for their first visit to Canada. The lovely occasion was for our wedding, on Dec 10th. I was still living an hr away from P at the time. If you'd like to see all of the wonderful wedding photos, check out my wedding post here.

Since our actual anniversary falls on this Monday, we decided to sort of celebrate it 2 days earlier. I'm a very practical person so I wanted to get P a gift. I was first hunting high and low for something that was sitting right under my nose. A few of these 2nd anniversary gifts really cracked me up though!

Here are a few of my favorites using Cotton.

If we only had a tree to hang up a hammock.

Cute Cotton Rose and Bear.

But I much prefer being outdoors, photographing and being free. This is how the evening started. We went down to Lonsdale Quay to watch the sunset, but it was freezing so we headed indoors quite quickly.

One of the beautiful shots before darkness and off to enjoy a wonderful dinner. I must say that Vancouver does have great sunsets if you are lucky enough to catch them.

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