Wednesday, March 12, 2008

One Week Left

It's only one week until I leave for Switzerland. It's really hard to imagine the time is almost here again.

I've got most of my schedule planned out including a meet up with fellow blogger CS and a few of my close friends.

I'll be traveling lots, probably not blogging at all and trying to relax on my short but incredible vacation.

Sunset Lausanne

I'll be experiencing another time change.

And P will be a continent away from me.

But I'll be in my element enjoying photography..

Now I just have to figure out what I'd like to bring back with me.

Getting excited for sure!


  1. A superb photograph and anticipation...
    You'll have a wonderful time in Switzerland, the best souvenirs are pretty memories. And all the pictures you will take!!

  2. Thanks Mar - I know the photos are what I'm anticipating most about doing on the trip.

  3. Beautiful colours - did they come out like that or did a round in photoshop help? :)

    Decided on what camera to bring yet?

  4. I still don't know, I'm on the train lots..

    2 or 1 and which one, nikon D70 or smaller cannon?