Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Total Spontaneity

I just did something very crazy today. My girlfriend, who I met while also living in Switzerland, is going to Switzerland during Easter Vacation.

We were chatting in an email and she mentioned it would be so much fun if I'd come along with her. Being the spontaneous person I am, I quickly asked P if he would let me go and he said yes instantly...

I contemplated for the next hr and decided to just go for it, even before my vacation time was officially confirmed. A bit risky, but risk is fun!

So I'm going to Switzerland too!

Yeah I'm currently happier than who knows what..

My details include arriving in Zurich on March 20th. Leaving Zurich March 31st. Yes time is short, but I live in North America and don't get long vacations. And since Vancouver treats me with so much sun, I figured it wouldn't hurt me going to Switzerland.

So If anyone will be near the area, I want to plan ahead for a fun meet up! I want to visit Basel, a thermal bath or two, Zurich, Biel/Bern, Interlaken and maybe Montreux. I won't mention names here but feel free to email me.

Comments are welcome along with any invitations. I don't know 100% what will be happening since I'll probably be with my friend also...

But I'm going to Switzerland and I'm so happy in a crazy way!

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  1. Bugger! I will be in Mexico during your visit.

  2. Way to go girl...that sounds like something I would do. Sorry,I'm not in Switzerland, you'll have to come to T-Dot someday...ciao

  3. Ohhh my.... I can just imagine how happy you must be! Finally going back to your personal heaven!

  4. Great news!! Finally you get to return to Switzerland :) you must be over the moon about it!

  5. Hi Expatraveler!

    Enjoy your vacation in Switzerland. I'm also considering taking a break too. :)

    Have a great week!