Sunday, April 20, 2008

Flashback - Switzerland Vacation

I've been back in Canada safe and sound for 20 days now. After getting back, I've had to go back to the real world the next day, jet lagged, hungry and definitely missing Switzerland's tastes and treats. Factor in doing two sets of my own taxes, a few chores to catch up on, and we've got a very tired ET.

I still have to go through many of my photos, which at least have been uploaded, and send out a few Cd's to a select few who deserve one. I was out with my camera practically every day which is very good for me. The first place where I landed is where I will start, in Zurich where Easter holiday travels were in full swing.

My trip officially began after work on P's birthday on March 19th and ended upon return the evening of March 31st, a very short trip in all!

I started off with a near full moon and a beautiful window view.

You know you are back in Switzerland
when you drive through a tunnel.
I actually missed them a bit.

Back to the comforts of What Switzerland looks like.

Finally seeing what I missed so much:
Comforts of Swiss Buildings and Pastures

A few short cuts through town while dealing
with Easter travels and delays.

After a wonderful ride back "home" to Lenzburg, I was greeted and offered a homemade tarte flambee, which I graciously ate without hesitation. (Now I wish I had taken a photo to show how delicious it was, but a bit of fatigue took over and that never happened.)

We also knew we were waking up very early the next morning to pick up my dear friend Sylvie from her journey to Switzerland. I had arrived 12 hours earlier than her.

We woke up to a surprising dumping of snow,
which I was shocked at (but I think most everyone was too.)

PFlight and the beautiful Hybrid Honda Civic.

After picking up Sylvie from the Zurich airport, we mutually decided the only reasonable place to hang out was at the Zurach thermal bath.

And what a wonderful way to start our vacation off, pampering and relaxing!

So off we go to Zurzach bad

Sorry I don't have any water photos during our stay,
but I can show you what the weather was like outside.

After a much needed nap, dinner was ready and it was incredible!

Compliments of Pflight Tuscany Tuna

Sylvie and I were quite content with our first full day in Switzerland.


  1. Yes, tunnels definitely rule Switzerland, don't they?

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  3. Hello expatraveler!

    So there was actually a lot of snow when you were here. You got it, you were looking forward to it, right?

    Nice to know that you again had a great time in Switzerland!

    Have a nice week! :)