Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Spider Monkeys Are Gone

It's a sad reality the Vancouver Zoo had to face this past week. The staff at the Vancouver Zoo are missing their beloved Spider Monkey's. They found out the horrible news on Wednesday morning and sent everyone around the Vancouver mainland in shock. It's definitely a sad story to have to tell your kids, and an even harder one to explain why they were no longer in their cage.

Of course, the Vancouver Zoo is asking everyone if they have seen the spider monkey Mia while her mate Jocko was found beaten and dead right outside his cage.

There's even a reward offered for her return.


  1. That's just awful! I hadn't heard this news yet. I spent so much time at that zoo when I was a kid and I'm guessing we must have seen those monkeys when we last took the kids there when we were on vacation. There are some really sick individuals out there. :-(

  2. I've been going through my unread posts and find this sad news. How can anybody do such a thing! I hope they catch the person, soon.