Friday, May 02, 2008

Time - Photo Hunt

This weeks Theme is Time.

I had enough time on my hands while I was on vacation in Switzerland to photograph the time. This week, I'm not spending that much time on the computer.
I'm sure you can find the Time in the photos below.

Looking for the precise time in Lausanne.

Aarau old town.
Go here for more photos.


  1. Beautiful, ET!!
    It seems you had a great time :)
    Happy PH and happy weekend, mine is posted here.

  2. Nice shots! I especially like that first one in the train station, but both great choices for the theme :)

    Happy PH and have a great weekend!

  3. Those are beautiful shots. I'm so blind I had to click inside for the enlargement to read the time. Good take on the theme.

  4. Anonymous5:34 PM

    Yes I found the time, and I found the time to post here too. I agree, I really like the photo of the train station. Although the buildings in the second photo remind me of some of the buildings in Mariestad Sweden, probably built in the same period.

  5. Beautiful places you've captured.

    Have a great weekend.

  6. I'm taking way too much time this morning visiting everyone's Photo Hunt. Great photos for this week's theme!

  7. I had to enlarge the second photo to find the time. Both are great photos. Great job with the PH this week!!

  8. What a great TIME you nust have had.....