Friday, June 27, 2008

Photo Hunt - Bright

This weeks Theme is Bright

I really didn't have any bright ideas for this theme. It was especially hard seeing that today was very overcast and grey outside.

I walk by the Olympic Village daily (at the end of South East False Creek) and visited the dragon boat festival last Friday. Here are a few bright pics of the flags.

(This photo is not reversed, I was.)

A bright Flag

See it was pretty Bright.
I am off for 4 days now, celebrating Canada Day on the last.
Wishing everyone happy celebrations for the first week of July.


  1. Lovely pics - love the contrast colours!
    Happy Weekend!

  2. They definitely look bright :) Happy photo hunting, and Happy Canada Day!!!

  3. Wow, dragon boat races are fun. The sky is so bright there too :)

    have fun during your holidays :)

    All Things Bright and Beautiful

  4. Anonymous11:59 AM

    I must say I don't even know what dragon boat races are, sounds a bit like viking boats!! However the flags are great, and really qualify is bright. Especially with that nice blue sky in the background! Contrast!