Friday, July 11, 2008

Needing Support - Photo Hunt

This weeks Theme is Support

It's quite ironic that this photo hunt is on Support, as P and I are going through a really rough time in our lives and we both need a lot of support.

Sunset Over the Lions

You will find so many things in this photo that symbolize support ironically. The most notable, the Lions Gate Bridge span which has supporting cables holding it altogether. Secondly, the shadows of P and I leaning on each other. There are many supports in the habour along with all of the lights which support our eyes when it is dark at night.

I probably won't be around most of the weekend. I'm off to photograph. I'll try to check in as I can. Whatever information I can, I will pass along to P.


  1. Good take on the theme.
    I like the shot.
    Happy weekend.

  2. Yes, the photo speaks a lot about support.

    I wish you and P will be able to get all the support you need. Be strong and take care!

    I Support