Friday, July 18, 2008

What is That?

This weeks Theme is What is that?

At first I did not have a clue which photo would make you think, but I found one. And of course it just so happened to be in my set of Switzerland photos.

So here it goes.

What is that exactly? You either know it or you don't. (Chris answered correctly first, Zhu you were correct too!)

One big hint. The company's headquarters in on the shores of Lac Leman.

Answer: Nestle, Nespresso cartridges for Coffee. They are very popular in Switzerland and as I've found out from many of your comments, not popular at all in North America. You can read about the cartridges too.

I hope I didn't spoil it for those who just visited. Happy Hunting!


  1. Easy - a shelf of Nespresso cartridges. Do you want to know the individual flavours? ;)

  2. Looks like these little coffee doses for the fancy coffee machines...

    I might be totally wrong though! ;)

  3. Of course, I had to see what these were for, I had no idea! I first thought these were big beads for a craft or accessory project

    Nice entry!

    What IS That?