Monday, September 15, 2008

Exercising Around Victoria

Over the weekend, I went for a leisurely bike ride to Thetis Lake and back with a few other bike minded people. It was perfect temperature to enjoy the weather and ride. Unfortunately, I didn't bring along my camera with me so all I can do is show you via the map.

The route was about 13 kms each way.
A great way to start getting back into biking.
(Click for a larger view.)

(Click for a larger view.)
The following afternoon we went kayaking into the Gorge Inlet. I've highlighted the route once again in Red. It was a bit shorter than my bike ride but my beginner arms were definitely warn out at the end of the trip. It was one again so beautiful.

A few photos may pop up soon.

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  1. Thou shall be punish for no bringing your camera!

    That's a long ride, you're fit!