Friday, September 12, 2008

In the Wild

This weeks Theme is Wild

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Beauty in The Rain

This is my favorite wild flower.
I have seen it here on Vancouver Island already.

And here are some funny photos from the petting zoo.
Walking around wild...

Peacock walking around anywhere - wild...


Two Turkeys

Getting wild

Would someone tell me why the skin (snood) above a turkey's nose grows when they move??? It seems to happen when they get more defensive.


  1. I don't know but if I see a turkey do that, that means I gotta get away from it :D

    I enjoyed your fowls :)

    Wild Plants

    Wild Crowd

  2. The rooster is beautiful.

    I love the wild flower photo best and can see why it is your favorite.

  3. Beautiful wild flower!! and great shots of those animals going wild!
    Thanks for the bday wishes, isn't this wild??
    Happy weekend!!

  4. The first close-up picture is wonderful.

    I don't know much about turkeys, sorry!