Monday, December 01, 2008

Time Flies

As December is already here, the holidays are just that much closer. I guess it's time I do the weekend wrap up of how I did at the masters swim meet.

I loved the pool in Nanaimo as it was so fast! Some swim pools are just plain slow, but this one felt incredible while I was swimming in it. Part of the reason was for the flush gutters which basically take out all of the wake from when you are swimming. The pool actually had a water slide area, kid play ground, warm up pool and race pool, along with a hot tub, sauna and viewing area. Let me tell you, it's impressive!

Now I only wish that the North Shore would wake up and build a pool like this. You can still have incoming recreation swimmers and families enjoying their day while the meet is taking place. Talk about GREAT planning!

(yes that's me swimming fly)
I ended up impressing myself, but still I'd like to better the times I did. From memory here are the results from the masters meet:

50 Fly - 32.97 - 1st in heat.
50 Back - 34. - 1st in heat
200 IM - 2:40.38 - about 5th overall
200 Breast - 2:55 - 2nd overall, was not thoroughly impressed with the swim as my splits should have been better. Oh well, back to the training board..

Masters Canada has the records and results from the meets too.

We had a 19 yr old and an 89 yr old there on our team at the meet. So impressive.

And yesterday - I came down with the flu.. Fun.. Today I am feeling better, but I can't fool myself into thinking I'm out of the woods just yet...


  1. Wow very impressive results. Get well soon. :)

  2. Looks like you're having so much fun. Take care of yourself. Happy December.

  3. Wow! I am impressed with your results.

    Get some rest and I hope you feel better soon. :)

  4. Great results.
    I wonder, what makes one pool faster than another? Is it the mix of pure water and other "chemicals"?

    Also interesting to know about the spend of ages among the competitors.
    I like that.

  5. i've heard about pools being faster than the others and I still wonder what the contributing factors for it. It's truly admirable that an 80's person could still be swimming actively.

  6. Sorry I've been so absent - it's been a crazy season. (and still is) Congrats on your meet and i'll try to drop in more often!

  7. Good for you, ET. You can be proud of yourself!