Sunday, December 07, 2008

Weekend Snapshots

Here's a few photos around Victoria from the weekend.

The morning sunrise on Saturday.
(It was a rainy day.)

A different bird.

Beautiful ocean views on Sunday.

Kite Surfers in the wind.


  1. I would be tempted to get my butt out of bed early every morning for a sunrise like that - Great Shot!

  2. Awsome Sunrise shot! WOW!

  3. I love it when the weekend can give us Nature in all its glory. Good for you.

  4. That first shot is interesting. I would have try to shoot it in 3 different exposure settings and try to put them together into an HDR pic.

  5. Beautiful photos! I especially like the bird photo and the shoreline. :)

  6. I love all of the photos.
    It is so beautiful there and I would love to live near the water like that!

  7. You know, most of my life I've been living less than 1 km away from the Sea - only some minutes walking....

    Your photos here reminds me of my childhood.

    The smell from the Sea, from the ever changing Beaches and Strand Zones - all 4 Seasons.

    It's been a part of my dedication for Nature.

    btw. Sunset? I say: Just do not think about a perfect Photo, but publish your feeling from the moment of THAT Sunset. A Sunset you would share with others. As a personal gift. It's like Wine, that can taste so different, but can express the moment and the exact origion.
    You have a very special eye for communicate landscapes and nature.
    Your next step will be - also the "smell and taste". I know that thisstep is the most difficult and challenging for all that takes Photography serious - Not a Kodak picture - but a Photography, i.e. Art.

    I know you have all the capacity to take that step.

    Me. I take photos and reveale them as "plain reportage" - most of them. Simply: That what I saw and here you can see.

    Your ambition is higher.And should be. Then again I refere to Wine tasting and the description of Wines.
    You see what you see in your Lense.
    A Grape is a Grape.
    You can make simple Wines.
    You can make simple Photos.

    But what is the difference?

    Can the "viewers" smell the flower,
    the Beach,
    the Mountains,
    The Streets.

    I think thats the big step between
    "Kodak"-pictures and Art.

    I've seen your photos since September 2006. You are much closer to art than "Kodak". But do not let be there. Now, it's time to take the step, like in Wine, to go from "good and drinkable" to "It tastes of x and z - I really hmmm".

    wow wow - what a long - but after all a honest comment. I've learned to know your love for genuine Photografy, and also your ask for comments.
    I also have a passion for Photo as an Art. But I do realize: It takes more time that I for the moment can spear to take the next step.

    Rule 1: Present what you want those people you would replicate (The Photo) your view through your Lense - i.e. The Frame - what you would show and communicate.
    This is the basic - and a simple "Kodak Rule" - haha - 95% do not live up to this basic rule)

    Rule 2: Am I going to tell a story that can engage?

    Rule 3: Make it simple what you want people (your public) to be engaged about.

    Rule 4: (Which is your genuine speciality: Nature Photography)
    Create passion and smell -like Wine, as said before.

    I must admit, I have not the answer how take that huge step.

    But, I do think have the ability.
    Think about the difference between a person that can Swim and the Giant Step to your level when talking about swimming.

    My dear Expat, hope I in this long, letter like, comment have given you some positive suggestions for your further development as a Photography pationate and in the Future: Professional.You have all the abilities.

    Let your photos smell.

    hugs and the very best
    from T in Norway

  8. Sorry for the late visit. Great photos! I love the shot of the ocean. Kite surfing must be a thrilling sport. Wonderful capture.

  9. heheh - that first one does look strangely familiar!