Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Snowy Surprise

On Saturday during the swim meet, I was swimming and noticed the sun pop out from the sky lights above. A few minutes later it was snowing and again, there was snow on monday. I did not take any photos but here are two great examples from photographers in Victoria.

It stormed enough to look like this in some areas of Victoria.

Then the sunshine came out and it was all bright and beautiful like the above.

How cold has it been in your area lately?


  1. Luckily someone invented indoor pools. I just found out that the pool in the hotel is nice but useless to swim, and the sea is anything but clean. You can look wherever you want and you see at least a floating shoe. By the way, here it's 36C/97F with a spotlessly blue sky. As it has been for weeks.

  2. In Oslo, Norway; A bit below freezing and we still have quite a lot of snow.

    RennyBA's Terella

  3. Low 80s a a high and mid 50s at night. Summer has arrived.

  4. It is about 1°C (38°F) and we have more snow than I have ever seen in my entire life.

  5. It's gettig chilly here in London, Ontario. We've been semi-warm, but the cold front came through today and tonight it's going to be -11C and the wind is howling!!



  6. That last photo is brilliant.
    Excellent so to speak (is that very English as an expression?)

  7. Two weekends ago here in Atlanta we had snow on Sunday and a school day off for the kids on Monday. A week later, we had temps in the high 70s! This weekend it's supposed to get down to highs in the 40s...and we wonder why people get sick!

  8. Fresh snow is beautiful. It's the slush I hate...