Sunday, March 01, 2009

Time Keeps on Slipping

Last Monday I was fortunate enough to meet Blogger Stacey in person. She was on a break from the cruise ship and was in Victoria, so we were able to meet up to enjoy the city. I just realized it's been nearly a week and time just keeps slipping by. It seems like just yesterday I was reading a post about the travels of Stacey in the Norwegian Fjords.

We decided to take a quick visit to Craigdarroch Castle since it's nearly down the street from where I live and never even knew it existed! I figured this out the other week while a lost tourist couple was looking for the castle. I led them in the direction and then had to come home to see what the castle was really about. I have to laugh that after being here 5 months of all of the famous places I still don't have a clue about in my own city. I can even be a tourist in my own home town!

Um - yeah I cannot take a photo!

Here's a short summary of the large Chateau looking Castle.
Rising 87 stairs up through the 4 1/2 stories, there are 39 rooms, most of which are furnished lavishly in the 1890s–1900s period. With over 20,000 square feet of space, the house and gardens are being restored exactly as they were originally built, and you will find artisans working on restorations most days. Step back in time and experience the life and times of the very rich and famous.
Views of the Grounds and the beauty of the Castle from far away.

Just down the street was an area I had passed but had no idea that it was called Government House. This is where some notable people stay such as the Lieutenant Governor Of British Columbia. The gardens are supposed to be beautiful when the flowers finally come out. They were still in their dormant stage but the grounds were absolutely beautiful during this time of year.

The Front of the House busy with activity.

You can see views of the Olympic Mountains as well.

The Rear of the House

The Government House grounds embrace 14.6 hectares (36 acres), including 8.9 hectares (22 acres) of a rare Garry Oak ecosystem, and 5.7 hectares (14 acres) of formal gardens.

I believe this is the Garry Oak tree.

The site is a popular attraction for Victoria residents, visitors, and tourists alike. Thanks to the time and expertise of dedicated volunteers, The Friends of Government House Gardens Society, the grounds are a well-utilized, much-treasured greenbelt for the community. With occasional exceptions, the grounds are open daily to the public from dawn to dusk, free of charge.
The Government House is definitely worth a visit for a beautiful view on a sunny day!

We then visited the Fernwood area that I had never been past that is fairly famous in Victoria. Here are a few photos from the visit.

The Local Hotel - I just love the colors!

Local Businesses - I love the old buildings.

The famous Theater The Belfry

And then as the rain started we finished with a nice coffee. I still can't get my mind around how much Stacey travels with life on a cruise ship. She's off to another travel around the world. But I made sure to let her know that she better say hello to Europe, once she gets around there once again. All in all, it was a pleasure to finally meet another blogger in person and of course time did slip by once again....


  1. Wow and you took such nice picture, I didn't even notice you were taking them! That picture of Craigdarroch really turned out well. I had a great time by the way! I hope you can do the "Tourist in your own town" (that's what they used to call it..) I remember really having fun doing that. Be sure to check out the museum it will have you coming back for more!

  2. It looks like you had a great time together. Thank you for taking us around with you in photos. And, I know exactly what you mean about time slipping. I am constantly trying to catch up! Have a great week!

  3. Sounds like it was a nice visit. It looks like a really pretty place too! It's fun to be a tourist in your own town!

  4. Anonymous12:48 AM

    It's also a small world. Some of my earliest memories of Victoria are of Craigdarroch Castle because my dear ol' granny used to live - just like you- just down the street from it! I thought it was kinda haunted looking, but I was only a sprout in 1964. :-)

    - ian in hamburg

  5. Looks like a great day! How fun to not only be the tour guide, but the tourist too!

  6. Again, great photos. Yes, Craigdarroch Castle, Government House, the gardens, and the neighbourhood are all worth a visit or two. And you are correct in labelling the gnarly, mossy tree as a Garry Oak. I think I've heard it said they are endangered, their numbers down and dying the last three or four decades. A beautiful species, alongside the Arbutus tree, too!

  7. We almost met up with Stacey in MS a couple years ago, ET, but it never worked out, so kudos to you for making it happen. Maybe one day it'll be my turn. :)

  8. That should have been AMS (Amsterdam)! :(

  9. You know, I am always amazed by your photos. They look really professional. I wish I could take photos like yours!

  10. This is great. You know you are the third person who's blog I follow that has met Stacey!

  11. That's what I always say: Blogging Connecting People and what a great connection!

    Looks like you where a great guide after all - great pics. Tell me when you've learned some more and I'll be right over :lol:

    RennyBA's Terella

  12. Looks like a great day. Didn't know about the existence of this castle and I thought I've explored Victoria thoroughly! I guess I'll have to check it out next time I head to Victoria.

  13. I more and more understand why you are Thankful for living in beautiful Victoria. Beautiful nature and buildings and Gardens and Harbour. And not too small and not too big. And you can even see snowcapped Mountains in the distance. Fantastic.

    Thanks for the tour.

  14. Wonderful photos as always ma'am! Tried to click on the link for Stacy, but receive an error message that Blog was not found....