Friday, January 15, 2010

Getting Closer

This weeks Theme Jiggly
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Jiggly - as in moving, not so steady.
You might not be able to tell, but I can,
that there is a bit of movement and jiggle to this shot.

City Lights

Views of Vancouver from where one of the Olympic Venues is situated. Yes we are getting closer and closer to that time.


  1. Gorgeous shot and it works well for jiggly which I think is one of the hardest themes yet. Happy weekend.

  2. Nice shot. You remind me that we in London are only 3 years away from an Olympic extravaganza ourselves!

  3. It might be jiggly but it is a lovely shot anyway. What a difficult theme it was this week.

    Happy weekend to you Expat.

  4. I saw on the weather the other day that Cypress was closed because it was raining so hard and fogged right in. Not that unusual for those who know the place, but for foreigners, it was a genuine WTF moment. One of my colleagues wondered why they set up an Olympics venue at a place that could so easily be forced to close for bad weather.

  5. it is actually what meets the eye. though i cannot tell, the photo is lovely and serene.

  6. Yes, it is getting closer! I wish we weren't that far, I would have loved to visit for a WE just to see the atmosphere.

  7. That is going to be wonderful and probably crazy to have the Olympics pass through your city.

    My friend is from Vancouver and now he's in Sweden for work. Talk about luck but I'll let him know about your blog.

    And the photo is looking good!

  8. I love this photo! And you are definitely going to keep us updated with news as the Olympics happen, right?

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  10. What a beautiful photo and a great reminder! I'm counting down - about three weeks left you know :-)

  11. It really is a beautiful photo. I like the dots of lights in the foreground, so enchanting!
    Take Care!