Sunday, March 07, 2010

The Paralympics in Victoria

One of the great things about living in the Capital City of BC is that you get to see a lot of interesting events and people who might just pass by for a day or two.

Yesterday was a perfect pre-spring like day. It was sunny and not windy yet chilly enough for me to want to wear more than just a sweater. Thankfully it did not get too cold out at the inner harbor waters.

I was able to capture a few shots as the torch came to Victoria for the Paralympics. The torch relay was definitely a rush and incredibly inspirational. What I loved were the lack of crowds because it was so much more personal and up front. Victoria can be so laid back and sunny! The two ingredients made for a perfect day.

Torch Relay for Paralympics.

The 3 boats paddling towards the parliament buildings from Laurel Point.

The dragon boat with the torch bearer.

The torch bearer.

MS Dragon boaters. Most of the people in these boats raised money for the cause, and the majority of them needed assistance to get in the boat. Just incredible!

Everything happened so quickly, but that's the torch bearer again with Gordon Campbell.

The torch being passed along. I believe this torch bearer has special needs and was aboriginal. What a great relay to take part in here in Victoria!


  1. great photos! Victoria is so beautiful!

  2. Those are some great photos! You always capture so many good shots from your area, it must be very beautiful there!
    Take Care!

  3. I find this even more exciting the the Olympics. I loved the torch relay in Ottawa though because the crowd really participated.

  4. I actually like the Paralympics as much as the Olympics, Jen, and just wish they were more popular on TV!