Monday, March 08, 2010

Werid Weather

When I woke up this morning, it looked like we had endured a hail storm. But there wasn't any harsh noise to indicate such an event. I let the thought go and walked onto my first appointment of the day ready for cooler weather. While walking back, it started snowing...

Yes, I was a bit perplexed and just smiled at the thought. A few hours later the snow started pouring down. Luckily nothing stuck to the ground but it was definitely a funny event.

Here are a few photos from the day.

A bit of snow on the stairs and coming down.

The windshield

On Rooftops.

On Bird houses.

A bit on the Ground.

On the deck.

Luckily we had dashes of sunshine thrown into the mix as well.

What a day. Up next time, a bit of a tour of one of my favorite walks in the area. I'm definitely ready for spring.


  1. Want more snow? Come to CH! We were back to -10° C again yesterday...

  2. Crazy country! Meanwhile, we are finally enjoying spring-like weather, which is most unusual.

  3. Looks like Belgian weather! I keep looking out to sunshine and thinking spring is here only to go outside and realize it is still freezing!

  4. Just when I thought all our snow was gone for sure here in Holland, Jen, it snowed all Monday morning and left a nice ground covering...till it all melted by late afternoon. However, it's still very cold, hovering just below ot at freezing every day. Hmmm. We do know it will end, right?

  5. I for one, am tired of this weird weather! I am ready for sun and warm weather. Cool pix though!

  6. Up and down up and down, that has been the weather! I would not be surprised if we had a little snow shower again even if nothing was in the forecast for weeks! Crazy weather. A weather man, who has long since passed, here in the Atlanta area used to say never plant anything or do anything until after Easter. That is when spring really comes!

  7. Incredible! And we have wonderful sunny weather here in Quebec - unheard of.