Monday, June 28, 2010

Visting Salt Spring Island

My parents came for a short visit in the middle of June once again on Vancouver Island. We had a few exciting things planned and were very impressed with mother nature giving us some good weather.

Here's proof of the beautiful weather from our ferry.

On Saturdays in Salt Spring, they have a famous farmer's market. Since my dad was wanting to take a BC ferry, this was the perfect way for me to see the market and for him to enjoy his short 35 minute ferry ride direct to Salt Spring Island. Seeing that I have another visitor coming in August, this was a great test run to try things out and scope out the area more. My last visit to Salt Spring was around in July of 2004 when I had first gotten to Canada.

The adventure started out by 9am that morning while low tide was creeping in. I was in total heaven and would be for our entire outing.

My parents are always camera happy and it's quite funny to watch my dad snap about 10 shots of the same scene every time. Now a few shots from the market.

The farmer's market had a wide variety of merchandise for sale which was just a lovely thing to see. It was great to see how many people were out visiting and supporting the local artists.

The above were a few shots from the area around the market, simply stunning! I have never seen the low tide this low, and is something I simply dream of all winter long to get to see during the warmer months around Vancouver Island.

Low tide brought out all of the starfish from below the waters.

Starfish by far fascinate me the most out of all sea creatures. Plus their colors are so beautiful around this area of the world.

And a few more photos from Salt Spring Island showing off the islands natural beauty and wonderful gift of weather. I'll post a few more via facebook. I would highly recommend a day trip over via BC Ferries. The cost is well worth it and not as pricey as the normal ferry from Vancouver to Victoria.


  1. Lovely short visit, great outing and pictures!! gotta love those purple starfish!

  2. I don't think I have ever seen starfish like that - the water must be warm!

  3. Those starfish are so cool. I have never seen any that color before. Looks like you are having nice weather.

  4. You tease me with all these wonderful photos:
    I simply must cross "The Pond" and the Continent.
    No doubt...
    North America is flagged for the Summer of 2011. Visit to my Son and DIL in SW MI is a must, but we hope to have time, cat sitters and Money to stay for several weeks to visit friends and family all over.

    T and A

    PS. We have AC temperature outside, which we consider "Summer"; i.e. 20-24 C in the Shadow.
    Water temperature: 18-20 in inner Oslofiord. I prefer 22 or more. Age you know;-)

  5. I had no clue whatsoever starfish could be so colorful, Jen. WOW. I just got my education. I also found out about Salt Spring Island...another place to see some day!

  6. starfishes are really amazing creatures. I've never seen them caught by the tide though.

  7. Oh my goodness! I have never seen starfish different colors! What a beautiful area you toured with your parents, and I love all the photos!
    Take Care,