Saturday, February 12, 2005

Upper Hills of Montreux

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Walking along one of the many little roads in the upper hills of Montreux, I came upon this lovely homestead.

While living in the Montreux Region, I used to take walks to seek out views of the city and Lac Leman. Following a map or the regional train can help you find your way in the region.

If you feel like using the city train, make sure you are on tracks 5 or higher. The first tracks 1,2,3 take you out of the city of Montreux. Take the stop off at Chernex or Chamby. From there, the walking is incredible on a nice sunny day. You might find a treasure or two like did right here.

Here's a bit of a walk that I remember. Starting from the Montreux Train Station. Follow from Avenue de Belmont to the stairs leading from Route des Collondalles to Chemin de la Caldrez to Route de l'Azillere (which should pass under the highway) and following near the Route de Chernex. Route des deux fontaines to Chemin de Blanc follow to smaller roads in this area. Chemin des Bignieres to Chemin de Sollard. This should not have many houses on it and should be very peaceful. The views of all of the Lake can also be seen here. Sit down on a few benches along the way and enjoy the views!

Route de Certaillion

Here's a mapped out version. At least you can get an idea of the walk.

1.Head east on Place de la Paix toward Rue de l'Eglise Catholique
9 m
2.Continue onto Rue de la Paix
0.1 km
3.Slight left at Avenue des Alpes
Go through 1 roundabout
0.6 km
4.Turn right at Rue du Ctre
85 m
5.Turn right to stay on Rue du Ctre
0.1 km
6.Turn left at Avenue de Belmont
65 m
7.Turn right at Sentier de Joliment
91 m
8.Slight right at Rue de l'Ancien Stand
12 m
9.Turn left at Route des Colondalles
0.2 km
10.Turn right at Sentier des Vaux de Chernex
0.1 km
11.Slight right at Chemin de Rossillon
11 m
12.Turn left at Sentier des Vaux de Chernex
68 m
13.Turn left at Chemin de la Caudraz
77 m
1.6 km – about 23 mins
Chemin de la Caudraz
1820 Montreux, Switzerland
14.Head east on Chemin de la Caudraz toward Sentier des Vaux de Chernex
0.1 km
15.Turn left at Sentier des Vaux de Chernex
0.2 km
16.Turn left at Chemin sous Villaz
0.2 km
17.Turn right at Rue des Deux Fontaines
32 m
18.Turn left at Rue du Vieux Four
88 m
19.Slight right at Chemin de Cauvent
82 m
20.Continue onto Chemin de Chamby
0.5 km
21.Turn right at Route de Chaulin
36 m
1.3 km – about 21 mins
Montreux, Switzerland

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