Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Tips for traveling in style

Thought I'd share some rather funny tips for those who travel.

If only all of us followed these tips...

Designer Michael Kors, who trots the globe in search of inspiration and publicity, has the packing thing down. He shares some tips in the March issue of Glamour:

- Athletic-inspired clothes, such as fitted hoodies and lean sweatpants, can be a traveler's best friend since they are cute and comfortable, but that doesn't give you permission to dress head to toe for the gym.

- Wear a coat appropriate in weight for your trip, but don't choose one that's so bulky it won't fit in the overhead compartment.

- Know that oversize dark shades have been the best friend of every jet-setter, from Jackie Onassis to Kate Moss.

- Organize your bag before you get in the security line. No one wants to wait for you to sort through dead lipsticks to find your boarding pass.

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