Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Backpacking in Switzerland

Backpacking your way throughout the mountains of Switzerland is a common past time for most Swiss. Whether it is a small stroll to one of the glaciers or a more advanced planned out hike, Switzerland has much to offer.

Whether you are on a short vacation or living in Europe, trekking throughout Switzerland is a must experience.

All of Switzerland is marked by yellow signs which nicely point you towards your destination. There is a great yahoo group made up of people who live in Switzerland who go on hiking trips on the weekends or holidays.

Most can agree, your journey will be filled with lush forest, beautiful scenary and most definitely a great view at some point in your mountain adventures.

One hike I have enjoyed is quite simple but scenic.

Along the way you will pass through Glion, Caux, Les Avants then to Roches de Naye. It's close enough that you won't feel overwhelmed and far up the mountain that you will see everything. The train is super slow, passes through villages and is great for taking scenic pictures.

In one hour, you climb by rack railway train from the palm trees on the lake shore to the edelweiss flowering above. Modern or steam, the cog railways meander between lake, forests and high mountain pastures taking less than an hour to reach the summit of more than 2,000 m.

You will have a very scenic ride.

There are certainly many other hikes, in fact starting only by foot in Montreux. And to help you out with all of your hikes, check out a must use book : Backpacking Switzerland

I found it really useful for all of my hikes....


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