Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Explore the World of Science in Switzerland

If you are thinking about visiting Zurich in the near future of 2005, the Swiss National Museum in Zurich has turned a visit to the Platzspitz park into an interactive experience.

"World of Knowledge" gets visitors to get a feel for science and what the Exhibition is about by watching, touching and smelling....

To mark its 150th anniversary, Zurich’s Federal Institute of Technology is staging an exhibition that invites visitors to explore the world of science. The centrepiece of special events in the anniversary year, it aims to give visitors an understanding of science and to illustrate its impact on people’s everyday lives.

To find out more go to Swiss Info

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    Here is a review from the show:
    I was in Zürich today to visit the Welten des Wissens exhibition for the 150th anniversary of the ETH Zürich. I found it quite exciting: nice setup on the central Platzspitz, cool pavillon buildings, interesting and didactic content.

    The pavillon of the ITET (Department for Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, where I graduated two years ago) was by far the coolest, with its futuristic shape and matching presentation consoles with Apple flatscreens… But the most interesting content in my sense were in the geosciences pavillons: in it, children (and adults) could learn how to build earthquake-resistant houses, touch bits of meteorite (oldest elements on Earth!), experience water filtering techniques, see simulations on glacier activity… Great job!