Saturday, May 07, 2005

Swiss Husband-Wife Team Finish Marathon Run Around The World

Imagine setting off on February 13, 2000 for a trip round-the-world trip, while traveling across five continents on a five year marathon to collect funds for charity. That is exactly what Swiss husband-and-wife team of Serge and Nicole Roetheli accomplished.

The couple started in Switzerland, trekked through Africa, parts of the Middle East and South Asia, before heading down to Australia and New Zealand. "I realise how lucky I was to be born in a rich country," said Serge. "I was able to choose my own difficulties when I set off on this journey."

They then resumed their journey in South America, travelled north to Florida, and ran up the east coast of the United States, before crossing the Atlantic to Europe.

Serge always had his wife by his side, either by scooter or motorbike with their belonging right by their side. "We wanted to be free, have an adventure as a couple and help children in need," said Serge shortly before arriving home. "Now it’s time to share our experiences with other people."

Saturday marks the end of their journey, returning to their hometown of Saillon in caton Valais. Serge had run over 40,000 kilometres, and raising SFr300,000 ($250,000) in the process.

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