Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Enjoying the Summer Skies

With the longest day of the year just passing, it's time to get out and enjoy summer. Whether you are up in Fairbanks, Alaska enjoying nearly 21 full hours of sunlight, somewhere in Canada or across the Atlantic Ocean in Europe, there is so much to enjoy in the outdoors.

It reminds me so much of my time in Europe while enjoying the 14th of July for Bastille Day in Paris. Along with any area of Europe and definitely Switzerland. In fact, the beautiful day of August 1st which is the Swiss National Day.

The Swiss National day is full of many festivals and traditions. Many people go near lakes to shoot off fireworks. Fireworks are quite different than in the US because there is much less of a fire danger. Much of what goes on is full of tradition and very pleasant to see. There is so much that goes on during this time.

If you are around, be sure to check out what will be happening in the city you are visiting in Switzerland...

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