Monday, June 27, 2005

Nyon's quiet scenic beauty

Nyon has been a popular lakefront resort since the Victorian era, yet it is very quiet and often missed by many tourists. Masses of flowers decorate its waterfront quays. In Roman times Julius Caesar used the settlement here as a military outpost for his soldiers.

As major stopover on the lake steamer route to places such as Yvoire and Evian Les Bains, Nyon is ideal for walks and relaxing. This is perfectly fine with me since it will be part of our stop in August.

You can, in fact, take a walk around the town walls known as Promenade des Vieilles Murailles. The walk goes along the 19th-century town walls until the promenade broadens into the Esplanade des Marronniers from which the most stunning panorama unfolds. You can also wander around at leisure, enjoying the flower-filled park and quays bordering the yachting harbor.

Further into the Jura, you can enjoy a train ride to St-Cergue. The views here are stunning and definitely worth visiting this hidden gem. Take advantage of this small town. I'll be back to give you an update once we have visited this summer.

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