Friday, July 29, 2005

Switzerland Sweats in the Heat

As Vancouver Canada experiences it's first week of no rain for July, Switzerland is definitely experiencing different records. On Thursday, record heat spread throughout most of Switzerland with areas such as Sion broke records of 35.2C and 34.6C in Basel.

The hot weather attracted thousands to outdoor pools and the country’s many rivers and lakes, where water temperatures rose to 25 degrees in Lake Biel and parts of Lake Zurich. But don't worry, relief is in sight as when the storm breaks some time on Friday, typical thunderstorms and rain will follow..

I've put together a list of nice places to visit to beat the heat.

Bern - Bundesplatz - otherwise known as the parliament building.
Zurich - Go Swimming
Montreux - city center
Villeneuve - just off the lake
Vevey - large pool near lake
Bouveret - Aqua Parc
(this place is great!)

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