Sunday, July 31, 2005

Switzerland Trip Itenerary

Well - We are just one week away until we are off for our trip to Switzerland. I'm so excited because I am back for my first visit since I left about 1.5 years ago. Patrick will be on his first trip to Europe.

Our Swiss travels will look like this.

Day 1 - Zurich
(we were thinking of a boat ride and visiting a few of the famous churches)

Day2 - Pick up EuropCar Rental
It's by far the cheapest you can get. We chose not to ride the train because I know the area and the flexibility. However, if we would have done the train, we would have chosen the 8 day Swiss Saver Pass because we are 2 and can save more that way.

Drive to Canton Vaud where we make our reservations for our hotel with Hotel Guide

Day3- Travel to Yvoire
We are traveling by boat. The beauty of having the Swiss Saver Pass is that your boat ride to Yvoire is free. There is also an alternative to the Swiss Saver Pass which is the Canton Vaud regional pass. This can be obtained at a train station once you arrive.
boat ride to France
Day 4 - Chocolate and Cheese in Gruyere
Once you have your Swiss Saver Pass, you can choose to take the chocolate train to Broc. It's a scenic trip and well worth all of what you get in the package. Talk about scenic views!

Day 5 - Leave Vaud - Greek food in Germany
(visiting our friends for the weekend)
I'd like to see a few castles and take a small hike.

Day 6 - Visiting Lucern Old Town
We are doing more than just shopping and seeing the sites here.
Lucern and the lake are so beautiful. We will be hiking today too.

Day 7 - Trip to Rigi

Day 8 - Leave for Interlaken
The drive to Interlaken is absolutely incredible with prestine blue lakes that are well worth stopping to take in the sights along the way. There are two ways to get there either via Lucerne or via Bern. We haven't totally decided yet but Michelin driving is the best place to find free maps.

Day 9 - Trummelbach Falls
Day 10 - Visiting Castles and hiking
Driving back to Zurich.
Day 11 - Traveling back to Canada.

So there you have it. A few of the places we will be hiking while we are traveling by car around Switzerland. There is just too much to fit in for our short little trip. We want to relax and enjoy the time we are there, so I'm not sure if we will fit everything in, but it sounds good so far...


  1. Hey, while you're near Lausanne, why don't we go for a little ice-cream or something in the evening?

    Drop me a line, you know how to contact me... :-)

  2. Sounds like a great offer. I'd be up to meet for sure.

    :) Jen