Thursday, August 25, 2005

More Flooding in Switzerland

Well it seems that our trip to Switzerland was in perfect timing. Many festivals and invents are now being cancelled. As the Swiss Folklore festival should have celebrated its bicentinnel year, the September 2 to 4th event is now being cancelled.

We were in Interlaken and biked throughout the area. It's hard to imagine most of the areas are completely flooded where we were riding our "velos". One report on television showed Lucern old town with makeshift boarded walk ways. Schools are closed as a result of the floods. Most of Canton Vaud is not affected at all.

A friend of mine sent me some before and after shots of some of the swollen rivers. I certainly have some before pictures but then too the media is exploiting some of the shots they are getting and blowing it a bit out of proportion. I've seen some of the gardens damaged as these are low lying areas and not somewhere people actually live.

Some of the other worse off areas are right at water level which in any area of the world has to come with some risk for everyone.

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