Sunday, August 14, 2005

A Rainy Day in Zug

We woke up quite early in the morning to the announcer of a local running race in the village of Staufen where we were staying. It prompted us to get up pretty early and see the race. We saw a local band and climbed up to the church where we saw a wonderful view of the valley. Our visit was cut a bit short when it really started raining on us.

So our day consisted of driving to Baar a suburb of Zug for a tour of the Hollsgrotta. They are unique caves that are open for tourist to check out and enjoy. It can get a little cold and drippy inside but it was definitely better than the pouring rain outside.

After our short tour, we headed for a walk to the local restaurant for a snack and warming up a bit with coffee. A type of Floor Bowling was our next stop. I was happy to see a typical game played in Switzerland that was indoors and something perfect for the rainy day. I ended up being on the winning and losing team, still a lot of fun. Patrick hit the jackpot with a perfect 36 points when he left out the center pin. What luck for a beginner... (wink)

We drove to find the cheapest gas in Switzerland at 1.63CHF per litre for diesel fuel. Afterwards, we headed back to make a typical pasta dinner and then retire for the night. Our next day was full of a lot of driving to Interlaken...

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