Wednesday, September 28, 2005

How to Win a Beauty Contest

When most people think of a beauty contest, they normally think of a woman who is young and vibrant and beautiful with life. But a beauty contest of this sort in Switzerland isn't exactly what was up for grabs in this years 2005 historical "beauty contest". The heritage prize is awarded by the Swiss branch for the International Council on Monuments and Sites. The 450-year-old restaurant in canton of Appenzell, Urwaldhaus restaurant, won this year's top heritage "beauty" prize in tourism.

The Appenzell restaurant was built as a farmhouse back in 1550 but was eventually transformed into a restaurant in 1805. Last year extensive renovation and restoration took place to make sure it withheld it's 450 year old luster. I'd imagine there is a lot of beauty, networking and work that goes into winning a Swiss prize like this, just like a normal beauty contest.

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