Friday, September 02, 2005

I can't Afford My gasoline

With Gas prices soaring out of control in the US, I thought a few facts are in order.

Actual Gas price comparisons can be found here: CNN

The Average Prices included:

Switzerland: $4.56 per gal
Germany: $5.29 per gal
Venezula: .14 per gal (no typo!)

1. If you live in the US, you probably still aren't paying as much as you do in the UK.
2. Gas prices are spiking in Canada but they don't even rely on American Oil.
3. Canadian's pay higher Gas prices than the US.
4. The Swiss have high Gas prices too. The August average gas price was about $1.74 per liter.

I ran into a really cute song today called "I can't afford my gasoline", and think it's really appropriate for a time like this...

By the way - If you want to find cheap gasoline, look at for updated areas on where to buy. This is good in US and Canada.


  1. People all over Europe have been outpaying the US for gas by 2 and 3 times for years. In Ireland, in 1993, we paid just under $2 a liter. I just roll my eyes for the most part, when people claim hardship based on gas prices ~ as they climb into their enormous SUVs! It really is exhausting. And there's the famous irony of costing out the price of a gallon of Starbuck's coffee, or a gallon of bottled water (when purchased in 17 oz bottles) and how much more we pay for these things than we do for gas!

  2. North America is all about convenience and having instant gratification. In their eye's SUV's are important. I'm glad I lived in Europe to open my eyes up to the world. I've yet to go to Ireland but that is next on my agenda.