Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Lessons I've Learned

Thanks guys for the comments yesterday. I think I gather many of you actually do like the pictures I post, so I will try to post a few pictures from the months we are currently in.

This photo is what you see from the beautiful double doors which go out into the yard and overlook what I like to call the pre-alps and close to Chamonix. Here's a look at what it looks like on a clear day in Montreux.

It was so easy to take photos while I was living in Montreux because I did not have a car and usually took a 2.5 hour stroll every day. I just made sure I'd bring my camera with me during the walks. I found this to be the case because I was always standing with my jaw dropped in awe of the beauty of Montreux.

1. What I learned from having my camera with me and not having the option of using a car was that I started enjoying nature a lot more and noticing the little things that me of all people didn't take notice of. I have an eye for detail and usually see things nobody else sees, so just imagine what happened when I really started noticing the odd differences.

2. What also happened transportation wise, was that I came to love taking the train and bus. I think it was because I lived in California my entire life and well I never was able to really take a train and notice the mountain side or the beautiful flowers along the road. I notice all of this now and along with not really wanting to take the car anywhere except if it's pissing rain.

This particular photo is what I would see if I was sitting down at the table with my back to the lake. We had vines above us and the railway goes between our house and the yellow house you see in this photo. It's not really a big rail, more like an electric pass that gets 2 trains per hour in the day time. It's fun to see sometimes for sure.

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