Monday, September 26, 2005

On This Day...

montreuxWell after having a lovely weekend of picture taking and practicing, I'm ready to post a few photos of what I was doing back on this exact day in 2002. My photos of the weekend were all right. But I'd still say they were below par for what I am looking for. Our weekend was full of visits to parks and the beach and just sunny and lovely weather. Really I've got to either take a class with my new camera to really learn how to use it or buy an ebook which supposedly has incredible reviews from the Nikon fans.

On this day back in 2002, I was still living in Montreux. It was a rather rainy morning with a dusting of snow on the tips of the mountains. Fall weather was definitely in the air. The first photo is what I'd see stepping out of my door.

montreux quai walking
As we set off for our daily walk, there was a bit of sun peaking through. This is a view from one of the mountain quai's which we walked down almost daily to get to the waterfront. It's quite a steep walk and adorable littleman always ahead of me...

montreux waterfront
After a 25 or so minute walk to this point, this is the pure beauty on a relatively rainy day of what you get to see. It's pure paradise in my eyes any way you look at it. I think the fact that you can walk quietly without being disturbed is part of the perk that makes it all that.
montreux views
This photo is a zoom in of the light dust from the night before. The area in the background is just a bit above Glion.

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