Friday, September 30, 2005

Shopping on Sunday?

If you have ever been to Switzerland, then you know that shopping on Sunday is quite hard to do. You won't find normal shops open at all and what little you will find is basically just from a gas station or large train stations such as Zurich.

Now the trading debate is going to be up for vote on November 27 once again. This is in reaction to a fair amount of people who are against Sunday Shopping. If the vote succeeds, then shops in major railway stations and airports with sales of more than SFr20 million ($15.5 million) would be allowed to open on Sunday. Presently there are already 7 railway stations which already provide these services.

Personally, I think this is what makes Europe/Switzerland so unique. I enjoy not being able to shop on Sundays and do think people only have to schedule their weeks a bit more catered towards getting your shopping done before Sunday. It's really not that hard, but you do have to get used to it.

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