Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Circles of Influence

As I was in some deep thought today, I was thinking about how many influences we have around us today. Take for instance every blog you read, every good idea you get from following another persons thoughts and life, and what influences they have on your life in general. I know blogs have certainly helped me a lot in finding my way into a new habitat.

These thoughts all came to mind because of my daily habit of watching Much Music (Canadian form of MTV) at 2pm. I admit I watch it mostly because it's a change and I can just listen to the music at that time. I'm not really a fan at all, but it's good background noise and can provide a good laugh from time to time.

The hosts of the hour, Matte and Leah, are somewhat funny and even prompted me to write about this topic. You see I don't think circles of influence are as large as they portrayed them. Matte basically was saying since he knew someone that you were tied to him now that you have met him. Sorry Matte, but if you never see that person again, really I think this concept looses momentum. I know it was a good laugh at least. But it got me thinking...

In August, when we visited Switzerland, a fellow blogger met up with us for dinner. Just think if people weren't blogging, how life would change if we had not met them at all. If you were someone who dated a blogger online, your life was forever changed. If you were someone who you followed through their blog and then finally met up with them, your life was changed forever.

How odd would it be if blogging never really came into existence? I'd say there would be a lot of people who would resort to tv watching instead of browsing blogs for great reads and entertainment especially for those "at home - non working" expat types. (winks) Or those blogger meet ups in your area. At least your daily habits would completely marred if there wasn't such a writing outlet to express what is on your mind.

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