Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Did You Make Your Flight?

Making your next plane flight might not be an issue, but apparently it has been for flyers last month on Delta Airlines. The carrier had cancelled flights last month as little as two days before departure if that flight was not full. I can't imagine how I would be feeling if I were on a business trip and had to scramble to make flight changes that close to departure.

Apparently in the report by Washington Post, Delta claims to have curbed it's fuel-based flight cancellations after forums with unhappy customers started claiming they were going to use alternative carriers who were more reliable.

Customer service these days seems like a thing of the past. It seems you actually have to push the issue to really even get service which was normal 30 years ago. Pulling teeth and seeing a loss in revenues seems to be the only push to improve something that should be a given for customers. I guess time will tell if Delta sticks to it's word. I'm sure I'll keep that in mind next time I book my next flight.

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