Monday, October 03, 2005

Last Beer Stop Before Heaven

If you are visiting the winter resort of Davos, you might need an excuse for a detour, so why not go to the last stop before heaven. Well it's not really the last stop before heaven, but that hasn't stopped the village of Monstein from thinking that 1,627 meters above sea level isn't too far from it.

Add a bit of humor to the height elevation, install a few special kettles which compensate for water boiling at a lower temp and find a yeast that works in the thinner air and you've got a tiny mountain village equipped to make beer all year round.

You might recognize the famous area of Davos which hosts a number of international conventions, has an incredible hockey team and hosts such visitors as Prince Charles and his sons William and Harry.

Take a tour of the brewery to understand everything there is to know about malt and hops which is a must if you are in town. Take the regular bus service from Davos Platz to the tiny village of Monstein and just see what makes this tiny village of two restaurants and a hotel tick. Beer isn't the only thing they are making these days as a few specialty cheeses and breads are on their list of "must tries". The brewery is actually open all year round for visits by groups and individuals are always welcome as the village hopes to survive and prosper for years to come.

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