Saturday, October 29, 2005

Swiss Made

Swiss blanketsIf something was really close to your heart, maybe you would enjoy it as much as these guys do. Three entrepreneurs from Zurich are trying to make their awareness of Swiss products a bit more International.

There's nothing new with this concept as there are many companies who are online selling Swiss products, but according to the Swiss Info report it supposedly is unique in their own way.

Basically the three guys who also have full time jobs, are trying to make available what is "unique" to Switzerland over the web and to other parts of the world. Since I was an expat in Switzerland, I can totally relate to certain items which you weren't able to get in Switzerland and had to get with one of your trips back to your home town.

Most of their orders come from the US, followed by Britain and France where there are more Swiss expats. "Many housewives with Swiss roots order products from us that they miss," adds Schefer. They definitely are selling some unique products but I certainly see a lot more unique items which they could add.

By being able to go directly to the source, this is the key to their success. Swiss Made has survived even though it has yet to make a profit but they are certain their approach will eventually pay off. It's that European way of thinking all the way.

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