Sunday, November 20, 2005

100 Things About My Expat Life

100 Interesting or not so Interesting Facts About me.

I have succumbed because honestly I don't know why really. I am going to write the dreaded 100 things about me. You are obliged to read it and tell me how much like/unlike me you are.

Are you ready?

1 I was born in California and consider myself an expat for life.
2 I have an odd accent from living in Europe.
3 I love traveling and talk about Switzerland too much, just ask P.
4 I only want to live in Switzerland and tell my husband this daily.
5 I've aged to the big 32.
6 I learned how to ski in California when I was 5.
7 I hurt myself skiing in a race once at age 8. I wanted to go to the Olympics too.
8 Because of this accident, I think I'm really careful about getting hurt.
9 My parents saw me in the toboggin going to the ski patrol room.
10 Most of my best friends don't live in Canada which makes me homesick.
11 I live far away from my mom and dad and brother.
12 I adore puppies and want a husky of my own some day.
13 I also adore Lance Armstrong and Michael Jordan and used to visualize to "Van Halen" before my swimming races. (I know it's cheeky but it paid for my university degree!)
14 I find inspiration from Le Tour De France, the outdoors and photography.
15 I broke a BC record for 30 to 34 year olds for swimming.
16 I consider my husband to be as my best friend in the whole world. I've got a few girl friends in California that I think about often too. I've got some in Switzerland too.
17 I love writing and photography and would love to only do that with my life.
18 But my husband, he's incredible because he so sweet, sexy and thinks I'm the most incredible woman in his life and is so lucky to have met me.
19 And I hate cleaning because I just suck at it, but I'm not a messy person.
20 I hate fake people.
21 I like hanging out by myself and would rather have a few close friends than many fake ones.
22 I love listening to European music in different languages. It's just better! So far, I like French radio the best. Maybe it's also because I can understand what they say.
23 It's hard to convert back to listening to North American crap for music. I get too bored with it. And I'm too lazy to load up my mp3 with stuff. I just think of everything here and that turns me off.
24 I don't keep up with my French and tend to forget too much of it. My hubby says we should speak it at home, but we never do fully.
25 I usually have to step in and speak French because my husband to be looks at me like a deer with headlights coming at him when people speak French to him. Mind you that he is fluent in French and could easily say something. How does that work???
26 I earned a scholarship in Swimming, so off to University I went.
27 I only went to NCAA's for 3 of 3 years. My brother did the same thing ironically.
28 I didn't swim my last year of elgibility.
29 I went to a fairly small university, but got swimmer of the year.
30 My brother ended up going to the same school. I was shocked when he told me where he was going to be. He only swam for 3 years too, but was 1st place each year.
31 I wasn't living in the same city as my brother while he went to University.
32 My brother is nearly the same age younger as my husband is older to me.
33 I love chocolate marzipan and marzipan cake. But I can never find marzipan cake being made. I only ate it once and have dreamt of eating it ever since. Best in Switzerland of course.
34 The best chocolate cake I ever had was when I was 18 and made my a Belgium team mate who took 2 days to make the cake for a wedding shower.
35 I love the taste of coffee and wish I could drink it all the time.
36 I started drinking coffee in university because everyone kept on saying how good it was. Oh peer pressure.
37 I have been able to kick the coffee habit twice but still keep coming back for more.
38 I've never smoked a cigarette in my life.
39 When I tell people that fact, most don't think it's true.
40 I sometimes crave the cigarette flavor but still don't want to try one.
41 I don't ever plan on smoking, as my parents would dis-own me.
42 Vancouver doesn't allow smoking inside restaurants or bars.
43 I adore Swiss architecture.
44 I gained 30kg when I moved to Switzerland.
45 But I lost all the weight and more before I moved to Canada.
46 I always want to loose 15 more lbs.
47 I always need to spell check my words, but was a great speller before I used my computer every day.
48 I love blogging too much and don't do enough of my internet work.
49 I hate speaking on messenger now that I discovered the entertainment aspects of blogging.
50 I got my husband to start blogging after we met.
51 I've used a computer since I was old enough to know it existed.
52 My parents bought their first computer the same year I was born, 70's.
53 I've used the internet since 1992 or around that year.
54 I'm so addicted to the internet as it's hard to get my away.
55 I wish I started my internet business in the 1990's.
56 I'm so happy I quit my job one day and moved to Switzerland.
57 My favourite animal is a husky. My ex-boyfriend has one and we both fell in love with each other.
58 Molly, the husky, greeted me every day with lots of hugs and kissing.
59 I wasn't allowed to say hello to anyone but her when I arrived.
60 My fave color is navy blue. But it's specific in the color as I get goose bumps when I see it.
61 I got married in 2005 in a very small wedding.
62 I'm not sure when I want to have kids.
63 I can't wait to actually buy my own house.
64 I want to live in a place with incredible views.
65 I dream of living somewhere else every day.
66 I love cars, especially Audi's in the station wagon version and grey in color.
67 I loving driving but my car isn't here so I'm always a passenger.
68 I have three pierced ears and don't want anything more than that.
69 I don't like wearing jewelry, but wear my watch always.
70 I've never had to stay in a hospital.
71 I think of photography and taking photos the second I walk outside.
72 I watch Rick Steves even if I have seen every episode 25 plus times.
73 I love photography and being outdoors.
74 I love being on top of a mountain overlooking the entire valley or cities.
75 I miss Switzerland so much and think about living there every day of my life.
76 I love taking the train and not having to rely on anyone else to get to my desitinations.
77 I love seeing college swimmers in speedos and shaved bodies.
78 I think men that are tall and dark are very handsome.
79 I love shopping on Saturdays in Switzerland.
80 I could see Shania Twain's humble abode from the castle above my house in Montreux.
81 I used to wake up every morning and put my hands on the radiator while admiring the incredible view of Lac Leman.
82 I got to travel for 16 weeks my first year I was in Switzerland.
83 I want to travel to a lot more places around the world.
84 I'd like to visit Britain, and Iceland and Scandinavia, and more of Europe.
85 I want to go to Tahiti some day.
86 I hope to visit Australia and New Zealand once.
87 I think I'd love to have a place in Sydney.
88 I want to have my own dog one day.
89 I am not afraid of snakes but don't think I like them anymore.
90 Tiny frogs used to be my favorite thing to play with as a youngster.
91 I love wearing sandals and flip flops everywhere.
92 If I could, I think I'd wear a t-shirt and a skirt/shorts all year long.
93 I didn't stop having incredibly horrible tan lines until age 23.
94 I thought I'd never ever get rid of them.
95 I used to sport raccoon eyes all year long. Not many people knew it was from swimming.
96 I used to not be able to stay away from water. Now the only thing I can stand is a hot tub.
97 I want to visit many beautiful spas around the world.
98 I don't think I will ever not want to live in Switzerland.
99 I always daydream and am much more ambitious than people really know.
100 I have never enjoyed any paid work I've done in my life.

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