Friday, November 25, 2005

A Funny Snow Story

While growing up in sunny California, I never really got a chance to play a lot in the snow. I saw it snow two times for a few seconds in my home town, that was it. We never had snow on the ground, just too hot of a climate. Sure I went skiing lots up in the Sierra Nevadas. We even had a few ski cabins up there for the winter months. But I never learned how to build a snowman until I spent my time in Switzerland.

It is shocking but really, if nobody tells you how to start building a snowman, how would you know how to start? I never was taught. I never had other kids around me making snowmen as a source or peer model. So it was shocking to me the day I took the kids to school and saw a child rolling a ball around in the snow. The snowball was sticking and just becoming bigger. I always thought you just gathered snow in a snowball and you just built it from there. How much easier with this new way. Who would have known that I would have learned this when I was 27! Maybe I just neglected to watch the start. Really I don't know...

So the house in this photo was where I learned about how to build a snowman.

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