Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Paris Riots

After 12 days of riots throughout Paris suburbs, most people now recognize there is some sort of outlying problem fueling the spread of these riots. Local officials are now able to impose curfews in specific parts of the Paris suburbs and over 300 towns. My feeling is the curfews are there to make sure the riots get under control in the overwhelmed neighborhoods while still trying to not risk travelers from visiting popular tourist cities such as Paris (another outlying problem because France needs it's tourism).

Much of the Paris riots seem to have a resemblance of the 1990 riots of Los Angeles where people were standing up for a cause. They felt looting and setting cars and buildings on fire were the only way for the government to recognize the problem. France is recognizing "their social model is exploding" according to the article by Washington Post.

However, I think a better read is Swiss Info which recognizes Frances problem being that of integration. Switzerland should know about this problem since the Swiss really do work to integrate immigrants into society. They do not hide where they live on the outskirts of town either and instead try to make them mingle among everyone.

The most interesting take on the two stories was from Mr. P who stated basically jobs for immigrants did not exist because they were second in line for a certain job. This could be the case seeing that many immigrants were drop outs and unqualified for specific jobs. You'll have to read the two articles to decide for yourself.

One point is clear, the real problem France is facing is how to put their country back together so that everyone can live in peace. As the famous flag in Switzerland says "PACE" - It's Italian for Peace - Pronounced Pache.

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