Thursday, December 08, 2005

Meeting The Parents

So yesterday was my last day of work before my wedding. I got off work at a perfect time and then zipped over to the other side of town to meet P's mom for the first time and eat dinner. It was pretty exciting since it was my first time seeing her.

After dinner my parents called and said they arrived in town. We walked over to meet them at the hotel and take them out to eat. They drove us in a brand new Dodge Durango rental call that had a grand total of 103 km on it!
We ended up seeing our wedding venue again. It's so beautiful even when all lit up in the dark. We have to make up some directions to the venue since the road is now all torn up for the construction of the new rave line for the Olympics in 2010. I now know what it means you can't make right or left turns!

So if you want to see a very cute post - just head over to P's site. He's the sweetest.

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